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In this article, Discuss about why programmers work life balance is critical to maintaining your mental health. And preventing you from burning out. So I think it’s really important that programmers developers software and engineers.

Programmers work life:

You know anyone that’s doing a lot of mentally strenuous work everyday. Maintain healthy work-life balance to prevent burning.Now often in startup culture you see that, they usually have a lot of younger employees who don’t have families or have more time.

They can dedicate to working and being at the office and while that’s fine when you’re young and you have that kind of schedule and that availability. If you want to know further Career and get ahead and maybe really rack up that experience early on. And you want to spend 12 hours at the office a day. That’s fine.

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Why need work life balance:

But when you’re older and you have a family, is not realistic to maintain that. And if you try to do that, you’ll eventually burn out. It’ll happen if you work too much you’ll burn out and if right now you’re self-taught programmer and you’re studying everyday and you’re spending hours upon hours on your laptop doing tutorials and building projects and working on your resume working on your portfolio into Doing everything that you got to do to try to get that first job. It can be really difficult and it can be really hard to maintain that.

programmer’s work life balance

So it’s okay to take a break. Although you want to code all the time and you want it and you want to try to code as much as you can until you get that first job. You can and realistically you’ll, it’s not good for you to try to do that all day every single day.

So you want to take those breaks when you have time. Take breaks.Get away from The get out. Get some fresh air who do something that you enjoy doing that is not code related. Your all your side projects don’t have to be based around code.

Try To Maintain:

I know that in your software development career early on you feel that a lot of your extra-curricular work needs to be code related. And that’s simply not true. You might feel that you need to stay Cutting Edge and work with the latest tech. If you’re not working with the latest tech in your current role. While that’s fine don’t focus on that stuff too much. And maybe focus on it a little bit more when you’re trying to look for a new job. It doesn’t have to be about code all the time.

And it’s okay to take breaks. You know work-life balance may not mean much to you. But it’s definitely something you should think about. We think about it when you’re looking for a job and applying for jobs. And really look into what kind of work-life benefits do they offer and consider that. Because you’re going to be there for a few years and you’re going to dedicate a bunch of time there and you don’t want to You don’t want to end up.

He’s somewhere that you’re not going to enjoy working and it doesn’t offer you the kind of work-life balance that you’re looking for. You know, those things are important to you if having holidays off is important. If having flexible schedules and flexible days, if just being able to call in sick and not have to worry about it. Important to you make sure that you look for that make sure that your You’re checking all the time. Is where you can get this information and I mean don’t be scared to ask around online either post stuff on Reddit post questions,

Important Note:

Wherever you need to to find out about a company that you may be applying for. And if work-life balance is really important to you and it should be work-life balance should be important to everyone. You should make sure that the company you’re applying for offers those things. Or if you’re applying right now and you don’t have a job. If you do have a job and you don’t and you’re not happy with the way that your work-life balance is at that job.

Make sure to think about this the next the next job you look for you know, my first job.

The programmer’s work life balance wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t all that great. I did take some work home with me more than I want to you. Really never want to take any work home with you. That just developed bad habits to have you end up burning out. And working way more than you should just kind of think about. Like, what do you make an hour at out at one point is your hourly wage work that if you’re making 50 bucks an hour. Because you’re making a hundred grand a year.

Some Idea:

That’s cool and all but if you’re working 14-16 hour days because you have that kind of company culture. That Send you to work that much that’s just a recipe for Burnout. And really at the end of the day how much money are you really making an hour? If you’re working double the time that you should be seized. And this also relates to if you’re trying to learn how to code to remember. You know, many people circumstances are different when I was learning how to code.

My family was just getting started and I had that extra time and my schedule at work a lot. Allowed me to work and study at the same time. And I had enough time off and availability during my days off to be able to study and dedicate that much time.

But some people only have a few hours a day and and honestly just try to be as consistent as you can. And if you start feeling like you’re burning out think about if you’re just spending too much time working you’re learning how to code and you have A job and you have a family and you know, you have to you have to learn how to code and you feel like it’s just something that you have to do and you realize that you’ve been doing it for a couple months and you’re no longer having any fun and doing anything that brings you any Joy.

Thinking on work life balance:

You’re just working and tending the things around the house and learning how to code. You’ve given up all your extracurricular activities and you’ve given up. Your hobbies because you’re determined to learn how to code I kind of did that myself and it’s not healthy. It wasn’t healthy for me and I got lucky that I did it burn out but you know. Everyone’s different you just make sure that you listen to to how you’re feeling and play it by ear.

And remember that this is a Marathon not a Sprint, you know, you’re going to be learning for a while and it’s going to take you a while to get a job.

Final Thoughts:

Some people do get a job soon and quickly. But a lot of people would take some a little longer. So don’t rush to get to the Finish Line because the thing is once you get there. You’re going to realize that your journey is just started and you’re going to be learning all the time.

Every day And it’s never going to end.It’s a good thing and I enjoy and if you’re learning how to code and you’ve already been doing it for a while. You’ve probably already got that personality that enjoys trying to figure out . I’m trying to work on stuff and try to solve problems and and that’s good. And use that to keep you going. But realize when you’re not having fun and you need a break because that’s important, too.

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