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For those of you that want to learn front-end development. So, if you want to learn HTML and CSS and JavaScript, learn how to build up that skill, set build websites and applications, get your first job as a front-end developer than this is the resource for you because I’m gonna be sharing free. Stop free Stuffs, the best kind of stuff, and it’s the stuff that’s gonna help you accomplish your goals.

Resources as Categories:

Help and Knowledge about programming and coding

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Learning Sites & Courses of Front End Development

1. freeCodeCamp


Probably one of my favorites on the list. Just the curriculum is solid and I think the forms were, you can actually find answers to the questions and solutions to the problems. All really, really good. If you just go through from top to bottom, you’re gonna learn everything from HTML and CSS. JavaScript, jQuery plugins, you’re going to learn APIs. And even a little bit of back-end development, you’re going to learn how to think like programmer which is pretty.Awesome free code Camp. Absolutely love it.

2. Wesbos


Once you’ve kind of gotten your wits about you with HTML and CSS, and you’ve taken some of those JavaScript courses. You probably want to learn by doing and actually creating some projects, and Wesbos has created an awesome program called JavaScript 30.

It’s absolutely free. It’s 30 days of JavaScript we’re gonna build drum machines, and All sorts of different applications using nothing, but vanilla JavaScript, and it’s absolutely out of this world, he recommends that you have a, some sort of accountability. So that you and somebody else some kind of program at the same time and help each other out really great. Teacher. Wesbos is pretty stupidest.

3. Jensimmons


Third is the website of Jensimmons. Specifically, her It’s super off the charts if you want to learn layout and CSS and right now, especially CSS grid which is like the super hotness, you can learn how to do amazing things. She’s so stinking good, so smart and she’s a great teacher, Jen Simmons all the way.

Last one on the list is actually a fun little IOS app and it’s called grasshopper. It’s free to download and it’s kind of like Duo-lingo for code. It just kind of a simple little levels that you can kind of like run through and hit each one of those levels and then each day it’ll actually push notified, ask you one little question and ask if you can solve that puzzle.

So it’s kind of like a constant thing something, just to kind of keep your mind on development, which I think is Also maybe check out next section is going to be:

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YouTube Channels for Front End Development

There’s a lot of amazing YouTubers out there that put out free content. And I watch these channels if I’m really looking for a specific tutorial on something and the first on the list, you gotta go with the man, and that’s

1. Derek Banos

He has so many amazing tutorials and he’s the guy that like, I think started the learn jQuery and 90 It’s learn JavaScript in 90 minutes, learn and he will teach you anything you want to know about development. I think he does like every language there is known to man, I’m pretty sure. Derek do. You know every language of there’s not a man but his YouTube channel. He’s a good teacher. He actually explains what he’s doing while he’s doing it. You gotta love that and he’s really, really thorough about everything he goes through. So, I recommend, Derek Banas, if you’re looking for something, Really, really like hund in. Okay, next up on the list for YouTube channels is

2. LevelUpTuts

For Front-End Development they are going to be doing something right, the lead instructor there is name is Scott, I think to lynskey him and Wesbos actually have a podcast called syntax, you should check out for pretty fun podcast, but Scott zelanski in love Level Up Tut’s. He just has like this wealth of like content up on his channels or if there’s anything you want to learn. He most likely has a series on on that thing, not just one but like a series. Okay. Next up on the list is

3. Programming with Mosh

I’m totally subscribing and supporting He’s awesome guy. He’s just awesome like kind of like a role model of mind. Just seems like a really nice guy. You like, If watching them Gotta Love, If you want to learn JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, React, Programming and Software development,This guy offers you tutorials in every steps. You can find beginners tutorials and Crash Course and full Course here. Okay. Next category on the list is

Free E-Books all about Javascript

1. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript

First up on the list is eloquent JavaScript, in my opinion, the best book on this list. If you want to learn about, It’s easy to understand. It covers every single kind of aspect in really. I mean, I want to say bite size because the chapters are larger. But in easy-to-understand actually, like digestible portions there’s projects in there, so you’re kind of building things as you go. There’s basic all the way to really really advanced concepts like the talking about Scopes and closures and variables and all that kind of stuff. Stuff all the way through and it’s very up to date. It’s constantly updated. The link is down in the description out when JavaScript lights out best book out. Next is a JavaScript series.

Eloquent JavaScript Content

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2. you don’t know JavaScript


Here is the GitHub repository. That book is pretty rocking as well. It’s actually broken up into like four or five books. They just start with one and read them through. It has really, really good code, Snippets, and examples things you can follow, along with, you don’t know, JavaScript. It says it right there in the name, you should read this book or books. Okay, next category on the list is

Free Tools for Front End Development

These are things you’re going to use along your way as you’re learning first and foremost.

1. CodePen for Front End Development

If you don’t have a CodePen account yet, gotta open up a CodePen account. Its free to do, there’s a bunch of paid. Lands. If you want to, you should Please support it because it’s an awesome tool to use. But the free planets rocket CodePen is basically a place where you can go code in the browser without having to set up any sort of develop an environment. It has pre-processing and JS coffeescript has all the kind of stuff. You might want to use as you level up your skills and all the basic stuff too. And it’s really easy to just create a new pen. You could share that pain. You know, let other people like for Kit. So, I think CodePen has an awesome thing. You must have it, Gotta Have It next up.


2. & 3. Atom and VS code

Doesn’t matter you’re doing front end development or back-end. You got to have a good text editor. If you’re going to do any of these things locally on your machine, I recommend either Atom or the VS code is a really, really good one, as well features that I love about these two text editors. Really can download both of them see which one you like most but things like, you know, Lee awesome themes and like syntax highlighting, great plugins. And extensions of also, you have like the terminal and GitHub like all built into it right there. So, it makes it really, really easy to use a code editor and actually code things out and she go. So I just recommend, you know, either one of those get started with those.

Help & Knowledge about Front End Development

Okay. Last category on the list is help. I just called this category play. Places to go to get help. First and foremost, if you need help, you gotta go to

1. Stack Overflow


If you’ve ever had a question you can ask it there. But most likely that question has already been asked because you’re not that original and you’re not trying to create a program or develop something that’s that original either most likely. So, the answer is probably already been answered on stack Overflow. If you just Google Thing you’re gonna find most likely nine or ten lengths to a stack Overflow post where you can see the different answers there, my recommendation. When using stack Overflow is not just a copy but to try to understand I think that’s a really important thing. Next up, an amazing sight.

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2. CSS-tricks


If you want to learn, CSS HTML JavaScript, and that’s .This author, One of the kind of bigger names in the front end development or web design, kind of community, great teacher. Also, the one of the founders of code pens, you can tell, he knows his stuff. If there’s 9, or 10, stack Overflow links, when you Google something, there’s probably at least three or four CSS tricks links. There is well, it’s just a wealth of Content, you can spend hours reading articles and posts and people’s comments and tutorials. He has a YouTube channel as well, but I think really the site itself has become less of just like a helpful site and more of a straight-up educational resource for those of us that are going. How do I do this CSS tricks? That’s how you doing.


Well, that’s it. That’s my list of my Favorite free resources for those of you wanting to learn front end development this year. I hope you guys enjoyed the list. Thank You. If you did, make sure to visit resources to enrich your front-end skills . I make lots of article about design and development.

If you have any questions at all or maybe you have some free resources that you really love that I missed on this list, then maybe leave those down in the comments.

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